girl holding a handmade teddy bear

About two years ago I messaged a lady who was in charge of a Facebook group asking her if I would be able to sell my tissue pouches in that group. Back then I wasn’t really making seatbelt bags or anything super crazy, just my tissue pouches and they were kinda epically cool, IMO! At the time she was like “Yeah that’d be cool except for it cost money to sell here so we really don’t want people to sell on our platform if they only have one thing to do.” That made sense to me, although I was sad about it.

Fast forward two years and there was a post about her needing more sellers, so I reached out to her again! The conversation was basically…

“Hey lady I saw you needed more sellers and guess what I make a lot more than tissue pouches now.”

“Sweet, when do you wanna start?”

So after some talking and chit chat I am now officially a seller on her page. Although I don’t get to sell my purses because you have to be approved for specific items and that group is full. I do however get to sell a wide range of microwave items. AND as of this morning, I will get to sell these super cute teddy bear and stuffed animal doll things that you can put different outfits on!

girl holding a handmade teddy bear

Although I love making purses I’m excited for this branch out venture that I I am taking in the world of smaller sewing items. I especially like the fact that I can complete a project or 6 in one day!


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