Customizing Your Bag

Sewing Machine with yellow seatbelts in front

For most women (and men who use them) buying a purse is not typically a on the whim or spur of the moment decision. When you walk into the purse section one might pick up 10 different bags before they find one that piques their interest, and another 10 before they find the one that gives them the endorphin release that they were hoping for and sends their heart fluttering saying “This is it! This is the one”. With my website I hope to give each of my customers that feeling every time they start designing their own bag! I want them to get exactly what they want without having to pick up 20 different bags before the perfect one finds them!

Let me customize a bag for you!

Answer the following questions and send it to we can work out the details!

Here are the main steps:

  1. Pick your style.
  2. Choose your seatbelt colors.
  3. Choose your fabric liner.
  4. What hardware finish would you like?
  5. Choose your zipper tape and pull (if one is needed).
  6. Do you want an inside zippered pocket?
  7. Approve photos as I send them, so that I can make your customized bag exactly the way you want it!